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Oil and Gas

  • Modeling oil spills in the South-Eastern part of the Barents Sea using OSCAR computer model
  • Assessing environmental risks when exploiting oil and gas deposits
  • Additionally to this the patents obtained for industrial introduction of technologies:
  • Improving construction reliability of wellsites, oil pipe lines, roads built on permafrost
  • Developing ways to utilize oil-based wastes when constructing oil and gas objects
  • Proposing measures to protect topsoil in tundra and rehabilitate disturbed lands

Marsel Gubaidullin, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Geology

Tel.: 8 8182 21 89 44

Fax: 8 8182 28 63 44

E-mail: m.gubaidulin@narfu.ru

Department of oil and gas transportation, storage and equipment

Institute of Oil and Gas

  • Developing ways to optimize solid mineral deposit development and land recultivation

Vechislav Ivko, PhD in Technical Sciences

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-87

E-mail: v.ivko@narfu.ru

Department of geology and mining operations

Institute of Oil and Gas

  • Developing pipe-line supports
  • Developing separator cones for drill fluids

Alexander Abanov, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 41-28-20

E-mail: a.abanov@narfu.ru

Department of oil and gas transportation, storage and equipment

Institute of Oil and Gas

  • Preparing reagents of drilling technological fluids on the basis of production wastes
  • Developing a well drilling automatic control system

Pyotr Tiranov, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 41-28-19

E-mail: p.tiranov@narfu.ru

Department of oil and gas wells drilling and operation

Institute of Oil and Gas


Svetlana Popkova     
Head of International Projects Unit
Mob.: +7 921 473 37 95
E-mail: s.popkova@narfu.ru


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Updated 10.12.2015