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Chemistry & Biotechnology

  • Biogeochemical evaluation of soil and vegetation cover in the Euro-Arctic region:
  • content determination of nutrients, pollutants (heavy metals, several non-metals and petroleum products) in soils and plants;
  • evaluation of enzymatic activity of soils;
  • methane fermentation research

Ella Shvakova, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry and chemical ecology

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Developing and justifying new methods of reagent-catalytic pyrolysis of wood waste for carbon and organic adsorbents production.
  • Developing new areas of extraction from the waste wood and wood-greens of biologically active substances.
  • Improving technology for extraction and further processing of tall oil for new products production.
  • Study of composition and improvement of processing algae to produce new products with biological activity and suitable for the treatment and prevention of certain human diseases.
  • Improving wastewater treatment technologies in the pulp and paper mills

Nikolay Bogdanovich, Head, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-76

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Extraction of plant material by supercritical fluids. Modification of natural polymers by supercritical carbon dioxide.
  • Physicochemical properties of ionic liquids as new environmentally friendly solvents of lignocellulosic materials.
  • Enzymatic oxidation of lignin
  • Development of catalysts for the oxidative delignification of plant raw materials based on polyoxometallates.
  • Developing methods for quantifying the toxic components of rocket fuel based on derivatives of hydrazine in environmental samples.
  • Effect of solvent on the physico-chemical properties and reactivity lignin

Konstantin Bogolitsyn, Head, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-89-48


Theoretical and Applied Chemistry Department

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Investigation of submicro- and nanostructures of natural fibrous materials for developing innovative technologies for paper and paperboard production
  • Modification methods and properties of modified lignins. Study of complexes of modified lignin with metals.
  • Research and development of methods to analyze carbohydrates and lignin in solutions and in lignocelluloses materials
  • Structure of residual lignin in pulp after cooking and oxygen delignification
  • Strength and deformation properties of the pulp and paper

Jakov Kazakov, Head, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 65-00-92


Pulp and Paper Technology Department

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Processing of biochemical and enzymatic hydrolyzates
  • Development of new methods of medias preparation for microorganisms cultivation (yeasts, moulds, bacteria) and bio-ethanol production
  • Waste water treatment and effective processing of industrial and municipal wastes
  • Biochemical treatment of molasses and vegetal matter
  • Enzymatic technology in pulp and paper industry (bleaching, pitch control, recycling of cardboard and newsprint)
  • Improvement of the taste and quality of the fruit juice, beer and soft drinks
  • Waste-based bio-fuels and waste control, including dewatering methods
  • for biological wastes with biodegradable additions and enzymes
  • Automatic methods of microbial population monitoring
  • Treatment of vegetal matter with low-temperature plasma

Evgeny Novozhilov, Head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-45


Department of bio-technology and bio-engineering systems

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Improving quality of products, works and services
  • Metrological assistance during life-cycle of products, works, services

Sergey Tretyakov, Professor, Head of Chair

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-14


Department of standardization, metrology and certification

Institute of Oil and Gas

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