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Physiology & Biomedicine

  • Information technologies and telemedicine in improving health and engineering component of health care institutions quality;
  • Automated statistical data processing of biomedical research (including cancers, immunodeficiency, endocrine and occupational diseases);
  • Application of simulation methods to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment of population.

Natalia Martynova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-89-14

Department of bio-technology and bio-engineering systems

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Studying psycho-physiological, morphological and functional status of human:
  • Limiting influence of eco-climatic factors of subpolar region on the rates of child development
  • Defining risk factors at early stages of child development
  • Developing recommendations to correct and compensate difficulties of adaptation.
  • Studying brain activity at different physiological states of human

Natalia Zvyagina, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 921 2413572


Department of Human Physiology and Morphology

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Revealing and prevention of early forms of drug addiction

Nikolai Ishekov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


Department of Human Physiology and Morphology

Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Adaptation of human in the North
  • Studying the morpho-functional and psycho-physiological potential of the Region population

Anatoly Gribanov, Director, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Tel./Fax: 8 (8182) 21-38-71


Biomedical Research Institute

  • Basic and applied research in the Arctic climate-physiology: studying influence of climatic, helio-magnetic environmental factors on human life and activities
  • Studying brain activity of population in the North

Julia Djos, Deputy Director for scientific work of the «ArcticMed», C.Med.Sc., Associate Professor


Biomedical Research Institute

  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (clinical and physiological peculiarities of children with hyperactivity)
  • Studying medical and biological problems of being on drugs (psychoactive substances) in the North
  • Psycho-therapy of emotional and behavioral disorders
  • Psychosomatic disorders

Mikhail Pankov, Deputy Director — Head of the Centre of child development competencies «Sodeystviye», PhD in Medicine, Associate Professor


Biomedical Research Institute

  • Physiology of a child development under conditions of the European North

Tatiana Volokitina, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Tel.: +7 952 253 57 14

Department of special pedagogy and psychology

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology


Svetlana Popkova     
Head of International Projects Unit
Mob.: +7 921 473 37 95


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