Aspirantura (Ph.D.)

Aspirantura (Ph.D.) is a post graduate level education in Russia. There are two types of postgraduate degrees in Russian education system: kandidat nauk (Candidate of science which is often perceived as equivalent to Western Ph.D.) – the first stage and doktor nauk (Doctor of science) - the second stage. Both degrees are a certificate of scientific achievement, and must be backed up by original/novel scientific work, evidenced by publications in peer-reviewed journals and a dissertation defended in front of senior academic board. The titles are issued by Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education.[1][2] On successful completion of a Ph.D program and dissertation defense a graduate is awarded a Ph.D. degree and receive a Ph.D. diploma and a postgraduate certificate with the corresponding qualification “Researcher. Research teaching fellow”.

NArFU offers research training of a high international standard, with a broad range of subject areas and strong research environments.

Duration and mode of study:

  • full-time – 3-4 years
  • distance – 4-5 years

Tuition fees:

There are state quotas allocated by the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science which means that the best candidates can get scholarships and tuition waiver.

Tuition fees may vary.


To be eligible for admission to a Ph.D. programme, certain educational and financial requirements must be met. For more information please contact International Office.

Ph.D. programs:

  • 01.06.2001 Mathematics and mechanics
  • 03.06.2001 Physics and astronomy
  • 04.06.2001 Chemistry Химия
  • 05.06.2001 Earth science Науки о земле
  • 06.06.2001 Bioscience
  • 08.06.2001   Construction technology and equipment
  • 09.06.2001 Computer science and computing hardware
  • 13.06.2000 Electric and heat power engineering
  • 18.06.2001 Chemical engineering
  • 21.06.2001 Applied geology, mining and petroleum engineering, and geodesics
  • 31.06.01 Clinical medicine
  • 35.06.02 Forestry
  • 35.06.04 Technologies, mechanical aids and power engineering equipment in agriculture, forestry and fishing industry
  • 37.06.01 Psychology
  • 38.06.01   Economy and management
  • 39.06.01 Sociological sciences
  • 40.06.01 Law
  • 41.06.01 Political science and regional studies
  • 44.06.01 Education and pedagogical science
  • 45.06.01 Linguistics and literature studies
  • 46.06.01 History and archeology
  • 47.06.01 Philosophy, ethics and religious studies
  • 51.06.01 Culturology

Post-graduate Studies Office

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