Northern (Arctic) Federal University Bulletin

The first issues of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University Bulletin came out in June 2012 and were immediately requested by 40 leading Russian and 17 foreign higher educational establishments. The Chief Editor of the scientific journal is Doctor of Philosophy and Professor Elena Kudryashova. The journal is published in two series: “Humanitarian and Social Sciences” (Deputy Chief Editor V. I. Goldin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor) and “Natural Sciences” (Deputy Chief Editor K.G. Bogolitsyn, Doctor of Chemistry, professor). The authors of the publications are both experienced researchers and beginners making their first steps in the field of science. In addition to natural sciences and topics relating to the development of the Arctic region, an important aspect of the journal is also social and humanities sector, since the Arctic means not only transport, hydrocarbons and bio resources, but first and foremost, people who have been living there from times immemorial, who have their own culture and a system of traditional way of living.

The State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the RF Ministry of Education and Science included the scientific journal in the List of Russian peer-reviewed journals publishing the main research results of PhD and doctoral dissertations.

While “Humanitarian and Social Sciences” series offers publications covering the basic research activities and their outcomes in history, philosophy, sociology, philology, law, management, political science, economy, pedagogical science, psychology, cultural studies and arts, the domain of “Natural Sciences” include such disciplines are biology, ecology, geography, physics, mathematics, computer studies, chemistry and earth science.

Among the members of the journal editorial board are many outstanding Russian researchers, heads of leading universities, research institutes and centers. They are academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS): N.P. Laverov, V.A. Sadovnichiy; RAS correspondent members A.V. Golovnev, S.I. Soroko, O.A. Shpigun; member of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE) V.A. Bolotov; President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) O.L. Kuznetsov; President of Polar Research Foundation, Doctor of Historical Sciences P.V. Boyarskiy; Director of RAS Arctic Research Center and Chairman of Arkhangelsk Research Center, Doctor of Economics B.I. Pavlenko; Director of State Research Center “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute”, Doctor of Geography I.E. Frolov; Chairman of the University Board of Trustees A.L. Kudrin; Minister of Education and Science of Arkhangelsk Region I.I. Ivankin.

The journal editorial board also includes researchers from the universities of Germany, Canada, Norway, the USA, Finland, and France.

A new series of the journal – “Medical and Biological Science” – is being prepared for publication.

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Lesnoy zhurnal (Forestry journal)

On January 27, 1833, the Society for Forest Management Support founded by the Emperor Nicolay I made a decision to publish the first forestry periodical in Russia – Forest Journal. With major focus on the forest husbandry and specialist training, the topics of the journal covered all activities within forest management. The first editors of the journal were Yukhantsev and Lange.

The XIXth century Forest Journal offers a lot of interesting articles which are still relevant for the present-day theoretical and practical knowledge. The articles were written by forest wardens, forest managers and forest researchers. Talented Russian forest researchers A.A. Dlatovskiy, A.E. Teploukhov, A.R. Vargas, F.N. Florovskiy, G.F. Morozov and others contributed to the treasury of the forest science with their authentic and innovative writings. Thanks to the Forest Journal a research work by N.A. Grakov, a forest cruiser from Arkhangelsk who discovered even-aged forests, became known to the Russian and international forest science. His discovery had fundamentally changed the approach to the selection system management in the northern forests.

The Forest Journal is a national asset, a treasury of accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge about forests and forest management, an outstanding printed-on-the-paper monument to the founders of the Russian forest management, which ceased to exist in the late 1918.

By Order № 787 issued by the USSR Ministry of Higher Education dd. July 31, 1957, the journal was revived under its historical name as a series of “Higher Educational Institutions’ News Bulletin”. The fact that the duties of the journal publishing were laid with Order of Red Banner of Labor V.V. Kuibyshev Forestry Institute in Arkhangelsk evidenced the successful performance of the forest industry in the European North and of the region’s only forestry school. The AFI, and later ASTU and NArFU, has been publishing the journal for more than half a century. A lot was done for its development by the chief editors and rectors I.M. Bokhovkin, O.M. Sokolov, A.L. Nevzorov. A weighty contribution to the treasury of the forest science was made by I.S. Melekhov, an internationally recognized forest researcher who was in charge of the Forest Journal for more than 10 years.

The modern Forest Journal maintains the good traditions of its famous predecessor and sticks to integrated character of forest management. Its articles reflect the most advanced scientific knowledge and practical applications. The periodical has more than 15 sections and columns. The Forest Journal is included in the list of journals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for publication of materials from doctoral and PhD dissertations. The editorial staff of the journal has reviewed more than 15 000 articles during 55 years. The geography of their authors is rather wide and includes practically all regions of Russia, the far- and near-abroad countries.

In 2011, Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor V.I. Melekhov has been appointed the chief editor of the journal. The editorial board includes prominent researchers and academicians from Russia and abroad. The professional editorial board and the newly established Peer-Review Institute ensure high academic quality of the published articles and of portfolio of authors. The total of 160 articles is annually published in the 6 issues of the journal. 

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Arctic and North

"Arctic and North" Journal (ISSN 2221-2698) is an internet scientific periodical that has been published continuously since the first issue in 2011. Not less than 4 issues are published per year.

"Arctic and North" Journal is focused on the Arctic and North from the perspective of economics, politology and culturology. The Journal is published for the wide audience and may be interesting for representatives of scientific community, universities, research institutions, Russian federal, regional and local governments, business, culture, and for everyone involved or interested in the Arctic and North both in Russia and abroad.

All articles are reviewed. All issues can be downloaded for free.

The Journal is registered at:
Roskomnadzor as an internet scientific periodical published in Russian and English, Registration certificate El № FS77- 42809, issued on the 26th of November 2010;
The system of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), license contract № 96-04/2011R April 12, 2011;
Directory of Open Access Journals — DOAJ (2013);
Global Serials Directory Ulrichsweb, USA (2013);
NSD, Norway (2015);
InfoBase Index, India (2015).

The Founder — Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov. Editor-in-Chief — Yury F. Lukin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

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