About expedition

Expedition "Seven tops of Alaska"In April – June 2011, NArFU team of mountain climbers, who had won Red Fox Challenge-2010 grant, made a sci-sport expedition called Seven peaks of Alaska.

Launched with the support from Tourist and Sports Union of Russia and Alaska.ru Russian Cultural Center, the expedition took place within the framework of the three-centennial celebration of Lomonosov’s birth, 70-years celebration of lend lease and 20-years celebration of Russian Emergency Ministry.

The route went through the mountainous area of the northernmost American state – mountain range of St. Ilya and the Wrangel Mountains.

Members of the University team: Alexander Shorikov, Alexander Dyakov, Evgueny Zelyanin, Alexander Mashnikov Sergey Sidorov, Andrey Strekalovsky, Aleksey Shanguin.

During the expedition, which was a combination of a most complex ski route and mountain climbing, the team conquered seven 4200-5005 m high peaks and was the first to go through passes, glaciers and icefalls. They covered a total of 480 km, with vertical drop bing 39 km.

The mountain climbers have named several formerly unnamed passes and glaciers: NArFU pass (3000 m), Lomonosov pass (2900 m), Archangel pass (2960 m).

The expedition studied health and functions of human organism in the Arctic. The members have collected numerous photo and video materials featuring glaciers, flora and fauna encountered en route.

Updated 29.05.2017