Expedition 2020

Due to the ongoing spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-2019) within the territory of the Russian Federation and existing restrictions on mass events, limited international and interregional communication, as well as the recommendation of the Rospotrebnadzor Directorate for the Arkhangelsk Region, we have to inform you about the postponement of the international expedition “Arctic Floating University - 2020” until the summer of 2021.

It is planned that the expedition route (Arkhangelsk - Franz Josef Land - Novaya Zemlya - Arkhangelsk), as well as the scientific and educational program, will remain unchanged.

Priority in selection of participants for the 2021 expedition will be given to applicants who have passed the selection process this year.

Accepted applicants will be contacted and further announcements will be made in the fall of 2020.

Updated 28.05.2020