Expedition Diaries 2016

June 27. Day 21 — the final day of the expedition

June 27. Day 21 — the final day of the expedition

The previous evening

The performance of “Fedot the rifleman…” by Philatov was held on board. At first, the expedition participants role-played it, then they decided to add some stage property and costumes. It was fun!

Some words about the expedition results

The expedition covered the route of 3 300 sea miles in 4 seas: the White Sea, the Barents Sea, the Pechora Sea, the Kara Sea.

Four landings were held at Vaygach Island, 5 landings – at the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and the landings at Sosnovets Island, the White Sea Winter Shore and the Solovetskiy archipelago were held.

Complex historical and cultural research was held, the social and economic condition of the isolated settlements both in the high- and low-latitude Arctic was studied, the field work focused on the study of biodiversity in the Arctic (birds, shell-fish, insects, vegetation) was held. The data concerning the hydrological peculiarities of Vaygach and Novaya Zemlya bays were acquired.  The study of ionosphere was continued. Palaeomagnetic research was held in the northern part of the Novaya Zemlya.

Konstantin Zaikov, the head of the expedition, noted that many projects were launched during the previous expeditions and their elaboration continued, at the same time this year expedition launched some new projects.

— For example, geologists work within the AFU for the first time. It means the new profile development in the university which concerns two important factors: personnel and scientific connections. Students acquire new knowledge and new skills, they work after graduation in the sphere which they have studied, they continue their university education. It helps to train personnel for the Arctic region. As for the scientific connections, different scientific communities communicate on board, they decide to cooperate and to create promising projects. The discussions helped us to formulate new interesting ideas. After analyzing data collected during the AFU-2016 expedition, scientific breakthroughs will be made. We have also formulated the important points in different sciences which can be further monitored.

And some words about the expedition in general:

— As for me, I think it was one of the best Floating University expeditions. We have a team which knows how to organize work and studies on board, how to entertain the expedition participants and how to establish contact with different research groups. You need experience. There is always some misunderstanding in the beginning of the expedition, but it soon disappears and you work with a nice team. Also the weather conditions in high latitudes this time were perfect. I believe the expedition reached the results which had been planned.

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