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Day 8. Svalbard

Day 8. Svalbard

Today we have a special edition of our Diary. If you want to learn how much you know about Spitzbergen send your answers to the NArFU Press Service e-mail. Try not to use the internet.

  1. How many names does Svalbard have?
  2. How many times was Svalbard discovered according to different versions?
  3. What is Svalbard industry based on? (three aspects)
  4. What does the expression “stanova isba” (станова изба) mean in Pomor folklore?
    Мы покинули заботу,

    Ухватились за работу —

    Станову избу поправить,

    Полки, печки приналадить,

    И сторонние избушки,

    Мастерили как игрушки.

    (We left all other occupations,

    And started to work.

    We needed to repair the stanova isba,

    Repair the shelves and the stoves.

    And all the other isbas,

    We constructed them as easily as toys.)
  5. What does Svalbard boundary geographical position consist in?
  6. What are administrative and scientific capitals of the archipelago?
  7. The Russian Pomor name for Svalbard was Grumant. Why?
  8. What event is the Pyramiden renaissance connected with?
  9. What is special about the vessel Ermak that sailed twice to Svalbard in 1899 and 1901?
  10. What species of birds are as usual in Barentsburg as sparrows and pigeons in Arkhangelsk?
  11. This famous ballerina lived and performed on Svalbard, but only as an actress. Who is she?
  12. Do you believe that there is a sewing manufacture in Barentsburg?
  13. How many minutes does it take in Barentsburg to walk from the Husky farm to the Russian Scientific Centre?
  14. Where is the northernmost Russian Consulate situated?
  15. Why is Svalbard called “terra nullius”?
  16. How is Svalbard called on the map of Willem Barentsz published after his death?

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