Expedition 2015

Arctic Floating University-2015 an international expedition Exploring Russian Arctic
Dates: July 1-20, 2015
You can find information about the location of the research vessel «Professor Molchanov» on the geoportal

An international expedition «Exploring Russian Arctic» is planned within the project «Arctic Floating University-2015»

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The route: Arkhangelsk — Solovky Island — Kolguev Island — Bely Nos cape — Varnek settlement — Russkaya gavan’ bay (Novaya Zemlya) — Zhelaniya Cape (Novaya Zemlya) — Heiss Island (Franz Josef Land) — Champ Island (Franz Joseph Land) — Hooker island (Franz Josef Land) — Nordbrook (Franz Josef Land) — Sosnovets Island — Arkhangelsk.

Landing points:

  • Solovky Island (2 July);
  • Kolguev Island (5 July);
  • Bely Nos cape (7 July);
  • Varnek settlement (7 July);
  • The meteorological station named after E. A. Fedorov (8 July)
  • Russkaya gavan’ bay (Novaya Zemlya) (11 July);
  • Zhelaniya Cape (Novaya Zemlya) — (12 July);
  • Heiss Island (Franz Josef Land) — (14 July);
  • Champ Island (Franz Joseph Land) — (14 July);
  • Hooker island (Franz Josef Land) — (15 July);
  • Northbrook island (Franz Josef Land) (15 July)
  • Sosnovets island (Kola Peninsula) (19 July)
  • Arkhangelsk (20 July)

Research areas: meteorology, geography, ecology, climatology, biology, history

Educational program: participants of the AFU-2015 — Russian and foreign students, young scientists and researchers — will study 8 educational modules and will fulfill the varied research program.


The Participants should attend the lecture course, sign up and attend one educational module.


Home writing exam 10 pages (5 000 words)

Exam dates: 5-10 September 2015


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