Educational modules


  • exploring spatiotemporal organization of marine and terrestrial arctic and subarctic natural complexes of local and regional levels,
  • revealing the dynamics of natural and man-made processes within the coastal zone,
  • understanding of basic concepts of sustainable development in the Arctic territories.

Module coordinator: Byzova Natalia, professor, head of Dep. of Geography and Geoecology, NArFU –;

Arctic botanic

Students will study the basic laws of the environmental factors impact on organisms in the Arctic conditions, diversity and structure of plant units and soil. Issues of structure, static and dynamic properties of populations, species types of environmental strategies, principles of the structure and functioning of Arctic ecosystems and biogeocenosis are considered as well. Students shall learn methods of determining the main types of arctic plants, description of the vegetation, and interpretation of satellite images.

Module coordinator: Chyrakova Elena, associate professor of Dep. of Botanic and general ecology, NArFU –;

Climatology of the Arctic region

Meteorological observations are always carried out on board of research vessels. The expedition "The Arctic Floating University" is not an exception. In addition to standard meteorological observations, the program of scientific and educational module includes actinometrical observation and measurement of greenhouse gases concentrations, such as ozone and carbon dioxide. The lectures of the module give an idea of ​​the climate system in general and especially of climate in the Arctic region.

Module coordinator: Kessel Anastasiya, research fellow, Arctic and Antarctic research institute –

List of literature:

  • Blair T. A., Climatology General and Regional, 2011, 504p.
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Law & Politics of the Arctic territories

This module shall look at topical issues in law and politics in the Arctic, including major geo-political trends, changes, and contemporary developments in this region.

Module coordinator: Dr. Natalia Loukacheva, Canada Research Chair/Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Northern British Columbia –

List of literature:

  • Natalia Loukacheva ed., Polar Law Textbook, Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers: TemaNord 538:2010

  • Natalia Loukacheva ed., Polar Law Textbook II, Copenhagen: Nordic

Council of Ministers, Tema-Nord 535, 2013,

History of the Arctic region

For a long time the Arctic considered as territory, not adapted to life. But already since 11th century Russian people begin its development. In the future, this process resulted in a series of research expeditions in Russia, Norway, Sweden and other countries. The course focuses on various historical aspects of Arctic exploration and international cooperation and confrontation in the region. Planned to study the issues of the Northern Sea Route, exploration of Alaska and rivalry of different countries in the Arctic and adjacent regions. Separate theme sanctify fighting in the Arctic during the Second World War.

Module coordinator: Savel’ev Ivan, associate professor of Dep. of Comparative and International Law, NArFU –;

List of literature:

  • In the North My Nest is Made. Studies in the History of the Murman Colonization. – University of Tromsø, 2005.
  • Russian – Norway. Physical and symbolical borders. – Moscow, 2005.
  • Migration – Industrialisation – Regionalisation. The Use and Abuse of History in the Barents Region II. – Luleå University of Tecnology/ Studies in Northern Europen Histories 2. 2006.
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