19 August: almost home

19 August: almost home

19 August: almost home

Anastasia Kosova, MA student, Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology

Shortly after breakfast we landed at a beautiful village Nijnyaya Zolotitsa. We finally saw native nature and native forest. We could finally walk without guards because there were no polar bears around. We had no work to do and we had a rest. People, houses, everything was familiar, unlike to the Arctic. We just found a sunny clearing. It was not enough to stand on the ground, we wanted more, so we jut lied on the grass, enjoyed the sun and someone even managed to take a nap. We talk about expedition, it is coming to the end and we got very close to each other. Everyone really wants to meet again. Let it be a different situation, and we will not be on board in the sea, but people will be the same.

The most memorable time for me was my Birthday. I have never celebrated it with so many people. And I was very pleased. We became friends during this time, and to be with friends it is very nice.

Anastasia Ivanova, translater

When a certain stage in our lives ends, we always have mixed feelings. So do we now. On the one hand, the joy of going back home to family, and on the other hand, sadness, because something interesting and exciting has ended. This expedition gave us a lot of new thoughts and ideas. Someone has changed a lot, some conclusions are made. I am very glad to participate in this voyage. I hope I will have chance to meet the people who I met in the expedition. I'll be looking forward to seeing again.

One of the most memorable moments was the landing to the meteorological station Beliy Nos. This is a wonderful place, and I did not want to leave it. I have never met before such a beautiful place. And I was also impressed by small fish that swam in the ice, it was very nice.

Max Eriksson, PhD student, Umea University

I'm sad because it is the last day. I would like to spend more time on the vessel, but many of us miss home, so probably it is a good thing that this day is the last one.

I think people need to know their capabilities and their limits, and for this they need to face some obstacles. At some point, they can start to think: "I can not do this! It's impossible!". But, in the end, they realize that they will cope and then become stronger.

I remember the most three moments in this expedition. The first one was when we saw the first ice. It was great. The second one was a storm when the ship got empty. It was surprising to get up in the morning and find out that there were only four people on board who were able to function. It was weird. And one more thing - landing on Beliy Nos. First, we were told that on the shores there are no polar bears, and we are in complete safety. And then, I stumbled upon a musk ox.

The last day of the second voyage of the "Arctic Floating University 2014" expedition came to an end. Delicious cake for dinner, pictures on the bow of the vessel, late gatherings in the bar ... Tomorrow we will be at home.

19 August: almost home
19 August: almost home

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