13 August: in place 
of landing

13 August: in place of landing

13 August: in place of landing

The morning of the 13th day was very dynamic. Everybody was preparing for the landing on the Zhelaniya Cape, where the employees of the national park Russian Arctic were to meet the expedition. When the first group of the explorers was ready to go we heard a voice: Due to bad weather conditions the landing is canceled.

However some members of the expedition including Anastasia Kessel, meteorologist from The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, can boast that they saw a polar bear.

- I have seen a polar bear for the first time in my life. Though I did it with binoculars it's better than if the bear ran after me, because in that case I couldn't tell about it, – said Anastasia.

Anastasia pointed out that the cancellation of the landing made work easier to plan for meteorologists. Every time before landing they have to choose a person who would stay on the vessel and collect data on board. This canceled landing in the Ledyanaya Gavan Bay also gave Anastasia an opportunity to dry her uniform. Wet clothes and Arctic climate is not a good combination.

The morning had another surprise in store for Anastasia: - The head of the expedition called me to the bridge and said that I would give a lecture today. Then fortunately we found out that it was a mistake, but I could not help feeling tense.

While sailing near the place of canceled landing (the Zhelaniya Cape, which in Russian means “a wish”) the members of the expedition made wishes.

- Dmitry Kovalev (Leading engineer of the Data analysis Department of the Arctic space monitoring Center – auth. com.) told a story about this place. A woman who worked as a hydrologist here died in childbirth, and was buried here. And I think it's all that I know about the Zhelaniya Cape.

Then we developed a new day program so we did not waste our time. The landing was replaced by lectures. At the same time Anastasia had always keep in mind the hours of data collection: 1:00 and 4:00 pm. There was no time to relax. It is worth reminding that there are fixed hours of collecting data for meteorological observation. Also she had to make actinometrical observations and measure the ozone content.

- Everything was ok without mess-ups. I also succeeded in taking ozone measurements that we have not been taking for last two days because of strong wind. First, it is dangerous to go to the upper deck during the storm, secondly the measurements are not as accurate as we want them to be, - told Anastasia. – I am very happy that I’ve managed to decode telegrams that contain codified information about the same standard meteorological observations received from the Izvestiya TSIK station.

In the evening we watched a film about the Arctic expedition of our lecturers, Svetlana Tyukina and Vasily Matonin.

- I really loved the title “Endless source of happiness”. I think it's worth to be a motto. I can describe it as following: beautiful landscapes, wonderful stories and marine life romance... – told Anastasia.

After dinner all members of the expedition gathered on the upper deck for a special ceremony. We had reached the Zhelaniya Cape that was the most Northern point of our route. Arctic air and seagulls were good companions for our joy. Everybody was glad. And we ended the ceremony by taking a common picture.

13 August: in place of landing

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