Expedition 2014

Arctic Floating University expedition under the auspices of the Arctic Council
Dates: August 1 -20 August 2014

You can find information about the location of the research vessel “Professor Molchanov” on the geoportal

route.jpgThe route : Arkhangelsk – Kolguev island – Vaigach island – Yamal – Bely island – Cheluskin cape – Bolshevik island – port Dixon – Arkhangelsk .

Landing points: Bugrino (03.08) – Vaigach (05.08) – Marraselja (06.08) – Bely (08.08) – Cheluskin cape (11.08) –Baranova cape (13.08) – port Dixon (16.08)

Research areas: meteorology, geography, ecology, climatology, biology

Educational program

The Program focuses on the bachelor, master and PhD students.

Contents of the program: 5 educational modules and 32 hours of the lecture course.

Educational modules

  • Climatology of the Arctic region;
  • Arctic botanics;
  • Geography;
  • History of the Arctic region;
  • Law & Politics of the Arctic territories;

Work on educational modules will be organized in form of seminars or field works according to the module plan.

For additional information including the list of literature contact the module coordinators:

  • Climatology of the Arctic region, Kessel Anastasiya, research fellow, Arctic and Antarctic research institute – nastena_post.92@mail.ru;
  • Arctic botanic, Chyrakova Elena, associate professor of Dep. of Botanic and general ecology, NArFU – e.churakova@narfu.ru;
  • Geography, Byzova Natalia, professor, head of Dep. of Geography and Geoecology, NArFU – bnmgeo@yandex.ru;
  • History of the Arctic region, Savel’ev Ivan, associate professor of Dep. of Comparative and International Law, NArFU – i.savelev@narfu.ru;
  • Law & Politics of the Arctic territories, Dr. Natalia Loukacheva, Canada Research Chair/Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Northern British Columbia – Natalia.Loukacheva@unbc.ca


The Participants should attend the lecture course, sign up and attend one educational module.


Home writing exam 10 pages (5 000 words)

Exam dates: 5-10 September 2014

The participants will receive 8 ECTS for participation in the course and passing the exam. 

Updated 04.08.2014