NArFU Cooperation Agreements

To strengthen its position and influence in North-West Federal District, NArFU concluded a number of cooperation agreements with different companies and organizations and among them:

  • Joint Stock Company Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka
  • Joint Stock Company Corporate Group Sozvezdie
  • Joint Stock Company Roskhimzashchita Corporation
  • Joint Stock Company United Shipbuilding Corporation
  • Joint Stock Company Ship-Repair Center Zvyozdochka
  • Regional Autonomous State Institution “Arkhangelsk Regional Business Incubator”
  • Non-profit Organization “Association of developers, producers and consumers of equipment and software applications based on global navigation satellite systems “GLONASS/GNSS-Forum”, ООО “М2М GLONASS”
  • Arkhangelsk Regional Office of All-Russian SME’s NGO “OPORA Rossii”
  • State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “State Polar Academy”
  • State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “St.-Petersburg State Marine Technical University”
  • St.-Petersburg Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Russian Academy of Sciences’ Bakh Institute of Bio-Chemistry
  • Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geography

The University is actively developing the programs for innovative development of state corporations. Within the frameworks of such programs, cooperation agreements were signed between NArFU and JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation and JSC Roskhimzashchita Corporation.

The cooperation agreement between NArFU and JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation provides for the development of the strategic partnership education, R&D, production and social sector with the purpose to encourage innovations in shipbuilding industry and implement Shipbuilding Development Program and USC’s Innovative Development Program.

The agreement for scientific-technical and academic cooperation between NArFU and JSC « Roskhimzashchita Corporation implies mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties in their competency areas and provide for the development of protection technologies, means and systems against damaging effects of chemical nature; of life support systems for autonomous man-operated closed facilities; of methods and means for safety assurance, health preservation and maintaining human performance in extreme conditions; as well as for training and advanced training of highly qualified engineers, research, academic and teaching personnel in the interests of JSC Roskhimzashchita Corporation through the enhanced dedicated educational programs and research, methodological, infrastructural and informational support.

Updated 13.05.2013