NArFU Held Project Seminar “New Effective Residential Facility Management Technologies for the North”

NArFU Held Project Seminar “New Effective Residential Facility Management Technologies for the North”

The seminar was held within the framework of FAMARB: Facility Management of Residential Buildings in the Barents region, an international project involving NArFU as a partner and aimed at improving the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of residential buildings. The project is funded by CBC Kolarctic.

As we were told by Pavel Maryandyshev, NArFU First Vice-Rector for Strategy and Research, the seminar discussed the progress of the FAMARB project and has formulated a set of recommendations to improve the management of residential buildings, addressed to the local housing and utilities sector and regional government. The seminar was attended by university staff, officials of Arkhangelsk Ministry of Fuel, Energy and Housing, Fund for Capital Repairs, Arkhangelsk Municipal Services, and projects partners in Norway and Finland.

The project team at NArFU presented the results of two-year-long project on modernization of heating and ventilation systems in FAMARB demo object – student dormitory in 32, Voronin Street.

“In the first stage, we upgraded the heating system, installed radiators of various types and programmable temperature controllers so that the indoor temperature regime could be adjusted according to the ambient temperature. At stage two, we upgraded ventilation by replacing the centralized system with local ventilation as a way to maintain required indoor microclimate. Also, there has been installed a system for monitoring air temperature, humidity, air flow and gas composition. Although the project is completed, we will continue working on the indoor climate algorithms and will be analyzing the indoor efficiency in terms of equipment operating modes,” said Anatoly Popov, Associate Professor of NArFU Department of Heat and Power Engineering.

The colleagues from Norway and Finland contributed to the event by presenting the experience in their home countries. They gave details of the legal frameworks regulating residential facilities and, particularly, the parameters of indoor climate and presented their developments within ventilation, heating, automation and management.

“We have seen a strong interest displayed by Arkhangelsk Government towards our innovative approach to automating ventilation and heating. Among the main deliverables of the FAMARB project is the FAMARB-book – a manual for multi-family residential facility operation. All our developments will be presented in it in the form of recommendations for housing management companies,” said Pavel Maryandyshev.

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