NArFU students about Norwegian-Russian Entrepreneurship program “Young Entrepreneurs”

NArFU students about Norwegian-Russian Entrepreneurship program “Young Entrepreneurs”

NArFU students shared their experience on completion first camp of international program “Young Entrepreneurs” initiated by Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce which gives practical training in entrepreneurship and business development:

“When I heard about the new program connected with networking in international group of students and attending lectures about business collaboration between Russia and Norway, I was very eager to take part. And now I can say that, undoubtedly, that was a lifetime experience for me.

The first session of Entrepreneurship Program «Young Entrepreneurs» was held at Hotel Pur-Navolok at the grand conference-hall. Initially, I only expected to listen to Russian and Norwegian lectors and to solve some business cases for the whole 3 days. But actually, this program was an entirely perfect combination of education and fun. I had such a good opportunity to communicate informally with participants and organizers during coffee-breaks and dinners. Besides, I obtained useful information about Rolls-Royce Marine via practical training in solving business cases & networking in my super creative and innovative team.

We also gained some new knowledge about business of Barents region and, of course, improved and tested English skills. Our main assignment for all 3 sessions was to make a business-plan for Rolls-Royce Marine, studying and analyzing both Russian and Norwegian marine markets. Furthermore, we could suggest some improvements for their market strategies. Frankly speaking, it was a big challenge for us, but, obviously, working for such a big and famous company as Rolls-Royce Marine is a valuable contribution to my CV.

I want to say express my gratitude to everyone who was involved in organizing this program, special thanks to Jørn Tverseth (project manager of NRCC - Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce) with his everyday willingness to teach, entertain and answer all our questions (see the photo below).

I’m really looking forward to joining the second session in Alesund next January and I want to continue working on our business-plan for Rolls-Royce Marine.”

Ekaterina Danina,
5th year student of the Institute of Economics and Management, NArFU

“I am very pleased that I was able to take part in the program "Young Entrepreneurs". during those three days of work in groups, we learned a lot, met with the representatives of the Rolls-Royce Marine, got case-studies to work out.

I liked how the policy of Rolls-Royce Marine was introduced according to the example of Google. I liked/appreciated the principles of the search of creative solutions and their adoption. I learned that 10% of all the ideas in the company are unexpected ideas that are sure to be accepted?.

Thanks to the organizers for such an interesting program!”

Elena Plesova,
4th year student of the Institute of Economics and Management, NArFU

“As for me, this program gave me the opportunity to meet people from real business (such a respectable business enterprise?) like Rolls-Royce Marine and I was given the chance to take part in solving the real problem in such important industry. Moreover, interesting tasks and friendly Norwegians made me sure in the success of this Program! I was also very impressed by our farewell dinner with cultural program. Thanks a lot to all participants and organizers!”

Vlada Kovalenko,
PhD student and teacher at Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry

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