Annual International Photo Contest “Foreign View”

Annual International Photo Contest “Foreign View”

The IV International Photo Contest for professionals and amateurs “Foreign View”. The jury will select the best photos of Russia made by citizens of other countries.

The project aims to capture contemporary reality and identity of the country, to show common points between Russia and other countries. The contest is organized by the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin.

The motto of the contest this year is “Language in a changing world”.

The winners will be determined in the general nominations:
· “Immortality of the People is in Their Language”,
· “Cognizing the other, you cognize yourself”,
· “Innovations and traditions”,
· “Nostalgia”,
and special nominations under the general theme:
· Photo Series,
· “Language in a changing world” (for professional photographers),
· “Holland through the eyes of the Russians”, “Russia through the eyes of the Dutch”.

Any photographers can participate in the contest, regardless of age, nationality and country of residence. We will accept art and documentary photography of any genre, individual photos and author series (two to five photos). The best works will be included in the holdings of the Presidential Library and several decades later will be considered historical.

Photographs taken either by foreigners in Russia, or by Russians abroad should be uploaded to the web site from June 18 to October 10, 2013.

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