The second expedition goes to the Arctic

The second expedition goes to the Arctic

This morning the second expedition of “Arctic Floating University - 2013” set sail to the Arctic. The expedition is scheduled for the period from July 2 to July 26.

The route will go through White Sea, Barents Sea, Kolguev Island, Kara Sea, Severnaya Zemlya and Novaya Zemlya.

Scientific leader of the expedition is Natalia Byzova, Head of the department of geography and environmental geoscience from NArFU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine.

- Today is the great day – we are going on the expedition. There are 55 of participants. The mood is cheerful. We are going to fulfill all the tasks, though they are complex, - said Natalia Byzova at the ceremonial meeting, which was organized next to the main building of NArFU.

The participants of the expedition will make a lot of research which will grant new knowledge about the natural environment of northern territories. By the way, this time the research plans include new directions – geography, ecology and glaciology.

Vladimir Tyurin

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