“Day of Microsoft” in our university

“Day of Microsoft” in our university

The workshop started with welcoming remarks from the Deputy Vice Rector for Strategic Development Alexander Hildebrandt who encouraged students to work hard and overfulfil any plans. He also explained the significance of partnership between NArFU and Microsoft Company.

- Today just going to school, taking laboratory work and passing the exams is not enough to become a professional. It was possible twenty or maybe ten years ago, but today it’s not enough. No matter how hard the university works – it is not possible to prepare a person for professional work only in classroom. In modern world, knowledge becomes obsolete too rapidly. Therefore, each of you should take an advantage of any partner resources that our university can offer.

Representatives of Microsoft talked about the latest trends in IT-industry. The specialist Pavel Borisov made a large presentation of the latest computer software: Windows 8 and Windows Phone operating systems, Microsoft Office 2013 productivity suite. During the presentation Pavel Borisov asked various questions to the students about Microsoft products and awarded the most erudite students with small gifts. Representatives of Microsoft also spoke about various activities sponsored by the company. For example, they told about the annual technology competition for students “Imagine cup”. No teams from NarFU have registered to participate in this event so far.

During a short break the students had an opportunity to examine and touch the latest Microsoft ultrabooks with impressive prices of $1,000 – $1,500.

Of course, the most interesting topic for students was the opportunity of employment in the company. Microsoft executive officer Maxim Pozdyshev discussed this issue with the students during an online broadcast from Moscow. He exactly described the requirements for potential employees. Maxim Pozdyshev said that every HR specialist in Microsoft looks through eighty resumes a day when looking for a new employee, and he spends about two or three minutes on each resume. So if the resume does not attract attention immediately, it will likely go down in a drawer. Maxim Pozdyshev also spoke about the most important qualities for getting work in Microsoft: working experience, academic degree and specialty, letters of recommendation from previous employers, various certificates.

During the broadcast, Maxim Pozdyshev showed the students several logos of large companies engaged in information technology: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft. He asked everyone about the common feature of all these companies. None of the students guessed the correct answer.

- All of these companies were established by people under the age of thirty years, - explained Maxim Pozdyshev. – What do I actually mean? You are all students, you are young. If you have an idea, create a team and try to put it into practice. That small ideas constitute all the information technologies that you can see today.

Vladimir Tyurin

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