Stephen Hoyt gave a lecture in NArFU

Stephen Hoyt gave a lecture in NArFU

A language training “Intensive English for academic purposes” took place in NArFU in the framework of cooperation with the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation. It was attended by 20 young scientists, graduate students and staff of the university; the training was conducted by Professor Stephen V. Hoyt. He had been teaching in Moscow for two years.

Stephen Hoyt started his training in a witty and unusual way. He called for three people from the audience, put them in a tight circle and joined them.

- Imagine that we are in an elevator in New York City. What can we talk about? How are you? Have something interesting to say? I always feel amused when I speak to people and they recoil in surprise. But you should always look for communication opportunities. That’s much more interesting!

Stephen Hoyt built the entire training in this vein, with wit and artistic skill. He highlighted the ability to communicate. Communication should make the main value for everyone who intends to work abroad.

- Have you ever wondered why Americans behave so openly and smile a lot? The reason is simple: the United States is a country on the move. Americans seldom live where they were born, they move and travel frequently. So the American knows that if he does not behave warmly, he will have no friends, - explained the professor.

The second most important value, in Hoyt’s point of view, is language practice. Therefore the participants talked a lot in English: introduced themselves to the public, created the project of a utopian-ideal university. In the end of the training they sang “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Lola”.

All participants appreciated the training, many of them joined Hoyt when he invited everybody to drink coffee and chat informally when the training was completed.

- Stephen Hoyt answered the main question that many teachers address to themselves: how to motivate the students to learn something? Stephen Hoyt answered simply, learning should be fun. If your lecture is boring – you will not be listened. Overall training was interesting and lively, Mr. Hoyt is an excellent lecturer, very artistic, that always appeals to the public, - said Anastasia Antipina, graduate student.

After the training a separate group for advanced study of the English language for academic purposes will be formed in the Center for linguistic competence of NArFU. All participants of the training will be invited to continue their education in this group.

Vladimir Tyurin

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