Low intensity radiation sickness of the North

Low intensity radiation sickness of the North

An All-Russian scientific conference "Human adaptation in the North: Biomedical Aspects" was held in the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in 3-4 December. It gathered students, postgraduates and young scientists from different parts of Russia.

The importance of the conference is conditioned by the fact of growing interest to the Northern Arctic region during last years. But obviously neither the development of transportation projects, nor the creation of united security system is possible without the people who live in this region. That’s why it is so important to foster health service sector and to study the adaptation mechanisms of the human body to the cold environment.

The participants of the conference made interesting reports on different topics of human adaptation. For example, Professor Mariana Bezrukih from the Russian Academy of Education made a report about "Health and school. Problems and solutions", and discussed adaptation in school. She noted the familial risk factors:

- We often talk about stress and depression of parents, but we forget about the child who also lives in this atmosphere. The scientists formerly put the problem of anti-social behavior of parents (drugs, alcohol) on the first place. But today, the problems of violation of the psychological health of parents are the first in the list. Such violation makes a negative impact on development of a child, - Mariana Bezrukih said.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vyacheslav Hasnulin talked about a phenomenon of “northern stress”. This is a reaction of the human body on the impact of negative geophysical factors of the North. Here lies the answer to the question – why do northerners live 10-15 years less than people from the other climatic zones.

- At the 67th latitude and higher the Earth is not protected from direct radiation from space, so long-term residence in the North can be compared to low intensity radiation sickness, - Professor Vyacheslav Hasnulin noted.

So the “northern stress” is nothing but an adaptation reaction of the human body. The scientist also revealed an interesting feature - people with a strong right hemisphere adapt better in the North. That’s why most of native northerners have strong right brain.

Vladimir Tyurin

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