NArFU Took Part in the XX-th Nordic Youth Film Festival – NUFF 2012

NArFU Took Part in the XX-th Nordic Youth Film Festival – NUFF 2012

Norwegian city of Tromso hosted the tenth Nordic Youth Film Festival — NUFF 2012. Participated by young people from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Norway, Haiti, Croatia, Switzerland and Finland, the event was coordinated by Youth House TVIBIT.

The master classes the festival participants had a chance to participate in were a good way to enhance movie-making skills. Split into five groups, they were tasked with individual assignments. Thus, for example, head of NArFU Media Lab Alexander Perkov acted as a film director in his group. Each group was to write a script and film it. The programme of Nordic Youth Film Festival — NUFF 2012 also included the first conference of European Youth Film Schools and the second meeting of the Barents Youth Film Academy — BYFA. Among the conference invitees were the European youth film schools — NArFU Multimedia Lab (Arkhangelsk, Russia), Station next (Copenhagen, Denmark), Up and Coming (Hanover, Germany), Valve Film School (Oulu, Finland), YOUKI (Wels, Austria), Filmskolan Luleå (Lulea, Sweden), Schweizer Jugendfilmtage (Zurich, Switzerland), Filmveksthus TVIBIT (Tromso, Norway) — and representatives of youth festivals from Ireland, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Croatia were invited at the conference.

'One of the conference outcomes is the format of the interaction between European youth film schools,' says Anatoly Konychev, Branch Manager of Barents Region Film Academy in Arkhangelsk Region. 'Participants were split into three teams. I was in «Production» and the task we were working on was to develop ways for creating international films and launching project jointly with European youth film schools. The second team came up with youth festivals cooperation project. And the third team was working on joint master-classes. We have agreed, within the framework of BYFA, to make a film about what’s happening in the film industry in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, in Petrozavodsk, Sweden, Norway and Finland. And we’ve also agreed on our next film project we are going to launch in Petrozavodsk. We already have the script written by our Petrozavodsk colleagues.' 

The award-winning films are The Coconut Shell (Denmark), FZZZT (Norway), Peto (Finland), Towards the Light (Norway), Naughty (Sweden). Five short films have been created in the master classes — Elizabeth, Origin of Ideas, The Rabbit Hole, Something Special, Clean Memories. 

Tatyana Belyaevskaya

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