Outcomes of BCBU+ first stage described as successful

Outcomes of BCBU+ first stage described as successful

Last week Narvik University College (Norway) held a working meeting of the steering group of the international project: "Development of Barents Cross-Border University BCBU+ (Kolarctic programme)" (more details about the project).

The items on the meeting agenda included the results of the project activities internal audit, the project’s intermediary outcomes and the schedule of the project activities in the next stage. It should be noted that the independent monitoring of the project indicators and the analysis of its activities were performed with participation of the Finnish project management experts. The audit outcomes describe the series of jointly implemented international advance training courses for the lecturers from BCBU+ partnering institutions that develop joint educational programmes, as very professionally arranged. In the project’s first year, the courses and the IT programmes (in Oulu, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk) were attended by the total of 20 lecturers from NArFU’s Institute of Pedagogics, Psychology and Social Work, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry and Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences. The professional competency they are enhancing deal with arrangement of the distant learning process, the character of teaching practices in cross-border environment and English teaching practices. Among the recent programmes described as the most successful were those of student mobility. In particular, last spring three master’s degree students from the institute of Pedagogics, Psychology and Social Work were financially supported by the project to take a training course in ‘Circumpolar Health’ in the University of Oulu. Among the other benefits the Russian universities – members of the consortium – have gained in the project was the equipment necessary to operate the distant learning classes. Two such classes will soon be opened in NArFU’s Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry.

The partners’ further plans target hosting in August 2012 of the "Inter-Disciplinary Dialogue" summer school in Rovaniemi (Finland); preparation of the study course for the participating lecturers (to be delivered in Petrozavodsk); development and publication of the Guide to Barents Cross-Border University’s programmes featuring, among other things, the best practices of distant learning implementation; elaboration and implementation of the distant learning programmes; and further expansion of student mobility programmes.

The project meeting in Narvik was participated by all partnering organizations – University of Oulu, University of Lapland, Luleo Technical University, Northern State Medical Academy, Murmansk State Humanities University, Murmansk State Technical University, PetrGU, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy. NArFU was represented by the project’s thematic coordinators L.E. Khaimina (Director of Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences), G.V. Komarova (Director of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry), E.Yu. Golubeva (associate professor at Social Work Department, Institute of Pedagogics, Psychology and Social Work) and S.V. Pirogova (expert in International Projects Unit, Department of International Cooperation).

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