NArFU students took third place in Robotics Competition – RTC Cup Final

NArFU students took third place in Robotics Competition – RTC Cup Final

Hosted by the Young Scientist Congress, the RTC Cup Final marked the end of the Year of Science and Technology. For two days, December 8 and 9, the Sirius Science and Art Park in Sochi served as RTC Cup racing venue, whose every stage posed contestants to some real obstacles in the form of wreckages – sand, rocks, gullies, rubble, and so on. Representing NArFU in RTC Cup Final were four teams. One of them, Atlas, which consisted of 4-year students Alexander Krainikov and Alexander Gordeychik, won bronze medal in the category Thrill-Seeker.

RTC Cup Final brought together some of the best teams that had spent the previous year preparing for it by competing in Brest, Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg and other cities. Competing for the prizes in RTC Cup Final’s two traditional categories, Explorer and Thrill-Seeker, were more than 30 teams that made it to the final stage. This year, the labyrinth received new sections that required the contestants to be resourceful enough to cover them with only two attempts over the course of two days. Those failing the first attempt had the time to devise new strategies and redesign their robots accordingly.

"Half an hour before the race, we got the gearbox on one of the wheels failed and had to urgently replace the engine. It wasn’t until few seconds after the start that we managed to restore the robot to a fully functional state. The substitute engine was of a slightly different design, and we lost a wheel right in the middle of the race, which, however, didn’t seem to be a problem to our pilot, Alexander Gordeychik. He was able to continue, but the robot started to loose manoeuvrability and that had an effect on our points total,” said Alexander Krainikov, Atlas team member.

In RTC Cup Final in Sochi, NArFU was represented by four teams consisting of 2-, 3- and 4-year students majoring in Technology and Production Automation. Each of the teams holds prizes from earlier stages of the contest. Among Russia’s strongest roboticists, they rank third, fifth, tenth and thirteenth.

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