NArFU, RUSSOFT and ITMO University discussed new formats of cooperation

NArFU, RUSSOFT and ITMO University discussed new formats of cooperation

On December 9-10, 2021, NArFU hosted the representatives of RUSSOFT and ITMO National Research University (St. Petersburg), who came for a meeting to discuss new formats of cooperation.

Since 2020, the three partners have been involved in DIT4BEARS: Disruptive Information Technologies for Barents Euro-Arctic Region (DIT4BEARs — a project in Kolarctic family that brings together schools, businesses and regional authorities in Russia and abroad for achieving innovative IT solutions as a means to tackle the common challenges that are faced by the northern countries.

On December 4-10, 2021, DIT4BEARs hosted a meeting that formed part of the 18th International Youth Festival of Information Technologies «IT-Arkhangelsk» In 2021, RUSSOFT and ITMO co-organized quite a number of events, including public lectures on the IT market current trends. One recent event summed up the progress of the ‘smart waste’ youth hackathon.

«The final part of the hackathon had its participants presenting their end-to-end solutions. This hackathon has shown that no team, even the best one, can generate an ideal solution alone. It takes getting all teams and their ideas together to generate a ‘dream case’. Our hackathon has as its final outcome not only the winning solution, but also a pool of diverse ideas from all participants,» commented Andrey Loginov, head of RUSSOFT Smart City Committee, Technical Director at A7 Systems LLC.

As part of their visit, the guests from St. Petersburg (A.V. Rybin) delivered open lectures, titled Businesses and jobs in low-carbon world and Disruptive information technologies and current IT market trends: The role of programmers in Russia’s technological independence (Andrey Loginov). They learned about the educational programmes, priorities, and research potential of NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems, and had a tour of NArFU Technology Park and the Museum of Arctic Nature.

A special highlight of the visit programme was the meeting at Research and Education Center — Russian Arctic: New materials, Technologies and Research Methods. Its executive director, Lyudmila Siluanova, presented the main ongoing projects that seek to achieve new materials and technologies and promote research and personnel training to benefit the Russian Arctic’s industries and economy by tackling its major research- and technology-related challenges.

Oksana Bugaenko, Acting Vice-Rector for Digitalization — Director of Digital Arctic project, spoke about the core activities that are being implemented within a project to create the Arctic inter-regional IT ecosystem — the system of learning, scientific and innovative products and services — and promote digital corporate culture.

Olga Timokhina, international project coordinator of ITMO Center for Information and Optical Technologies, presented a project that deals with the development of cyberphysical system for collecting and processing of socio-economic, environmental and climatic information on the polar areas.

The meeting recognized the importance and long-term benefits of research and development in the field of climate change prevention in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

Valeria Romanovskaya, PR Director at RUSSOFT, spoke about her company. With 251 IT companies as members, RUSSOFT represents Russia’s entire software development industry.

Valeria also shared RUSSOFT’s experience of participating in the DIT4BEARs project.

«Our experts are giving talks at various project venues, presenting the disruptive IT solutions and outlining the state of things in Russia’s software development industry. Together with our partners, we participate in international hackathons, where we develop cases relevant to the Arctic region and act as mentors for the teams. There exists a special partnership between NArFU and RUSSOFT in the field of IT training for young specialists. The winners of this recent hackathon were awarded virtual internships at our member companies. One of them, the IT company called BETA, offered two places on its 2021 internship programme to two students of NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems, Artem Anashchenko and Dmitry Khoziainov,» said Valeria Romanovskaya.

During the follow-up discussion, the partners talked about the possible ways of combining the resources that are available to international and Russian projects for making the current learning process (online and offline programmes, additional qualifications) more flexible.

«This partnership offers further opportunities for positioning and integrating the companies in the Russian regions. It also helps to attract to Arkhangelsk the advanced Russian and international technologies and to stimulate networking within the ‘science-business’ partnership model. During this visit, we were able to discuss plans for further cooperation with RUSSOFT and ITMO in the field of human resources, as well as ways to enhance our IT training process here at NArFU,» summed up Ilya Mayorov, director at NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems.

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