NArFU took part in the ARCTIC SPIRIT International Conference in Finland.

NArFU took part in the ARCTIC SPIRIT International Conference in Finland.

On Monday, November 15, within the framework of the Arctic Spirit conference in Rovaniemi, a scientific seminar «How to survive in Arctic — Cooperate!» was held, organized by the Research Institute of Natural Resources of Finland LUKE with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland.

The key topic of the platform was the discussion of specific practices of «survival» in the Arctic in a changing climate and the possibility of considering the activities of ongoing national and international projects for the development and updating of climate strategies of the Arctic countries. The discussion at this seminar focused on food security issues, considering the negative effects of climate change in agriculture and forest management, raising awareness of climate change issues among producers of food from local raw materials.

Experts from Finland, Norway, Canada and Russia exchanged best practices and results of ongoing projects and research. The experience of experts in risk management, support for local entrepreneurs and the creation of professional networks of farmers, innovative solutions for adaptation to climate change, including in the field of reindeer husbandry, was presented. The Finnish side presented the strategy of adaptation to climate change in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic region, developed within the framework of the ACAF project «Creation of an international network for adaptation to climate change».

From Russia, the Northern (Arctic) Federal University was invited to participate in the seminar as the Russian co-director of the international project «Development of an innovative cluster of Arctic food products», implemented jointly with the University of Saskatchewan from Canada. The project coordinator, Head of the International Cooperation Department of NArFU, Lyubov Zarubina shared with partners the results of research conducted by scientists of SAFU in the field of agroforestry development, considering new climatic opportunities, support for local farmers. The results of research on the processing of brown algae of the White Sea with a view to their prospective use as feed additives for fish cultivation and biologically active substances for use in pharmacy were also presented.

The ARCTIC SPIRIT Conference in Rovaniemi is a platform where topical issues of the present and future of the Arctic are discussed with a focus on the European dimension of the Arctic. The International Conference has been held in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi every couple of years since 2013 and is the only regular international Arctic venue in Finland.

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