Disruptive IT-solutions for Data management: International Online IT-School summarizes the results

Disruptive IT-solutions for Data management: International Online IT-School summarizes the results

II International Online IT-School has been successfully realized at Northern Arctic Federal University.

During the week the participants followed an intensive course of lectures and workshops given by the leading IT experts and lecturers from China, Germany, USA and Russia. Among the key thematic areas covered by the IT-School programme were Artificial Intelligence, high-performance and distributed computing, machine learning. Special attention this year was paid to the topic of Big Data technology development and implementation and was thoroughly explored by the team of experts from Dalian Neusoft University of Informatics and NArFU during an international benchmarking seminar. The students dived into the history of the technology’s development in China and Russia, learned about the peculiarities of its usage in commerce, medicine, industry and education.

After an intensive week of theoretical classes and training students met in a Case-Battle on a final day of the programme to present their IT-solutions to the cases designed by experts from RUSSOFT Association, the team members of the CBC Kolarctic project “Disruptive information technologies for the Barents EuroArctic region”. Three teams were given 2 cases on Big data processing. The main task for the IT-School participants was to analyze heterogeneous data before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, compile two sets of data sources and present the results of the correlation between this data. Under the supervision of experts students managed not only to study and analyze huge amount of information in a limited period of time, generate high-quality and well-constructed solutions, but also to become a team. “It took only five days for students to cope with their tasks! All the three teams had structured presentations and we perceived all information provided, which is really good. All teams came up with carefully considered and formed presentations. Hope that next IT-School could be organized offline and gather even more participants,” said Innokenty Puntikov, First Line Software company representative.

The winners will be given an opportunity to undertake an internship at the Russoft Association in order to continue working on their projects. 

"RUSSOFT Association appreciates the opportunity to support such an important event as Online IT-School within the DIT4BEARs project. The concept of “triple helix” that consist of a workshop, case-battle and an internship is a great opportunity for students to become a part of an international IT-community. We are pleased to admit that corporate companies of RUSSOFT are ready to support such contests and contribute to the training of young generation of IT-specialists,” comments Valeria Romanovskaya, head of PR direction at RUSSOFT. 

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