IceOps has embarked on a busy summer schedule

IceOps has embarked on a busy summer schedule

In a recently held meeting of Ice Operations project, the partners have presented the results of comprehensive research that involves the intellectual resources and the infrastructures available to them in Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden, designed to produce up-to-date forecasts of the ice impact likely to be experienced by the Arctic development projects in the northern seas and to facilitate the economic risk-related decision-making. Attending the meeting were also the officials of the Managing Authority of KOLARCTIC CBC. They referred to the obtained research results as undeniably important.

The project team consists of SINTEF Narvik (Norway), NArFU, Luleå University of Technology, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Storvik & Co (Finland) and SOZVEZDYE Oil and Gas Suppliers Association.

Currently in the final stage of its implementation, IceOps is facing a busy schedule for this summer. Today, the Arctic Floating University-2021 has set off on its scheduled voyage. As part of its programme, the project team at NArFU will continue to monitor the ice conditions and verify SAR images against the actual picture observed from onboard.

The final results will be presented at international venues — Arctic Engineering School (September 2021), Arctic Projects — Today and Tomorrow (October 2021), among others. There is one more deliverable the project is expected to produce — the international academic course.

NArFU Department of International Cooperation

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