NArFU students completed their internship at IT company BETA

NArFU students completed their internship at IT company BETA

Good teamwork in Smart City online hackathon, organized with the support Kolarctic-funded project Disruptive Information Technologies for Barents Euro-Arctic Region, landed two Information Systems and Technologies majors at NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems, Artem Anashchenko and Dmitry Khozyainov, the opportunity to do an online internship at IT company BETA, a member of Russia’s software developer group RUSSOFT.

“This internship opportunity offers students a unique experience of being a part of problem-solving process at the dedicated industries. By participating in international projects our school expand its geography of cooperation with Russian and international schools and businesses, which, in turn, is a great chance for our students to work under the guidance of the leading IT experts and improve their skills,” said Ilya Mayorov, Director at NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems.

The internship program involved Artem and Dmitry in the development of software development using Python and other languages. They also learned the process of collecting client requirements and the basics of software architecture.

“We got the understanding of the company’s workflows and can actually follow the software being developed. In parallel, we are exploring the local practices of problem-solving and will soon be implementing them ourselves. To give on example, we are learning video sectoring to train the neural network which is going to be used in a project.

The experience we are gaining here cannot be overestimated because what can witness how the industry actually works in real-life conditions, and we now feel much better prepared to enter the workplace.

We did the internship online, which was no problem for us. Given that many BETA’s employees work remotely, there is a well-tuned online system and advanced, user-friendly tools for communicating with developers. The set-up for our work was simply excellent. We really enjoyed the tasks we were given and it was very helpful to be at all times supported by the in-house team, who shared some valuable experience with us,” says Artem Anashchenko.

The internship is designed to submerge trainees in real-life industry conditions – an experience highly useful for senior undergraduates.

“The internship has introduced us to the specifics of the online interaction – we made an extensive use of Slack, as well as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. We also got an insight into the technologies being used by the company team for their projects and we came up with a few solutions of our own.

There were regular meetings with the company manager to discuss the current tasks. Internships like this prove very useful as a way to meet experienced professionals who have been in the IT industry for years. I have only positive impressions from this internship,” said Dmitry Khozyainov.

On March 23, RUSSOFT and NArFU met online for their final meeting to plan for future online internships and cooperation prospects. As was noted by RUSSOFT President, Valentin Makarov, the expanded cooperation with the Russian universities has proven a good way to enhance students’ skill sets.

Attending the meeting were also the interns themselves. They presented the results of their work at BETA and shared their impressions of the internship.

“Our goal was to equip the guys with real-life knowledge of how product development unfolds through real-life projects. Alongside with the hard skills, such as programming, the idea was to give our trainees also the managerial knowledge and to show them how it works in product development management. The tasks we prepared for the trainees dealt with one of our current projects and, particularly, video analytics micro-service, which they guys had the complete freedom to develop on their own. They did a great job. They learned a lot from us and we learned a lot from them. This has been a mutually enriching experience,” said Yevgeny Shatunov, Project Manager at BETA.

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