Arkhangelsk to Host Days of the Arctic

Arkhangelsk to Host Days of the Arctic

«Welcome to the Arctic!» is the motto of the Days of the Arctic 2021. An annual event, they span February 24 to 28 this year and will be held at NArFU Intellectual Center — Scientific Library and partner’ venues, with some of the activities moved online.

The Days of the Arctic 2021 have a diverse programme with thematic excursions, workshops, intellectual games, feature films and documentaries.

School students will be able to attend a series of classes in physics and optics that will be held at NArFU Museum of Engaging Sciences, and there will be postcard making workshops. For high school students, the staff of NArFU Intellectual Center — Scientific Library has prepared a series of games titled Arctic Mosaic, A Journey to High Latitudes, The Tales of Solovetsky Uprising. A whole new series of local history quizzes is devoted to the Russian monasteries and Northern Russia.

There will be painting workshop «Icy Seascapes» with artist Roman Zalyvsky and Russian-Norwegian exhibition «The Arctic Explorers». Film lovers and history enthusiasts will be able to see The Music Of The Solovki During The Years Of Repression, a film produced by NArFU Solovetsky School. There will be also a series of public lectures on topics as diverse as history, hydrology, and cinematography. Colleagues from Salekhard will be hosting online tours and quizzes on Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and NArFU Geological Museum an interactive class on minerals called «The Toolbox of Experienced Geologist». For the first time, the programme of the Days is contributed by NArFU Career Services with career quiz «Arctic Career Compass».

This year’s Days of the Arctic will be screening films by Yakutian directors, that have been shown earlier at Arctic Open IFF, the films by SakhaFilm Studio, the films from the selection of Northern Character IFF, and the films kindly provided by Documentary Film and Television Guild.

Traditionally, the programme hosts include NArFU’s long-standing partners — The Solovetsky Museum-Reserve, The Russian Arctic National Park, and Kenozero National Park. Visitors are invited on a tour of Pomor Shipbuilding Association’s studio and to the Museum of Northern Seafaring — for a series of desktop shipbuilding classes «FlotFest» within the framework of international project Matitsa.

Admission is free but there is occupancy limit. Please register by phoning us:+7 921 075 16 57 or online: VKontakte Days of Arctic
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