Arkhangelsk to Start Production of Unique Monocrystalline Diamond Inserts

Arkhangelsk to Start Production of Unique Monocrystalline Diamond Inserts
<p>Today, Elena Kudryashova, Rector of the M.V. Lomonosov NArFU, had a meeting with Sergey Neruchev, Director General at AGD DIAMONDS (JSC). </p>

<p>As a reminder, the cooperation between the university and the mining company unfolds within the world-class Research and Training Centre «The Russian Arctic: New materials, Technologies, and Research Methods». Past summer, AGD DIAMONDS JSC proposed a project to create a joint innovative enterprise for the production of unique monocrystalline diamond (MCD) inserts. MCD is expected to be produced by NArFU laboratories using temperature gradient method.</p>

<p>As partners to this project, NArFU and AGD DIAMONDS seek to create a center of excellence for advanced monocrystalline diamond technologies and research methods. In the longer term, Arkhangelsk may become a full-fledged producer of MCD with specified characteristics to support research and development in the field of quantum sensors, X-ray optics and other advanced areas of research and technology</p>.

<p>«The market for monocrystalline diamond inserts looks more than promising, according to experts. It’s in its infancy in Russia, with less than 2% of global market, but we see here a huge potential and room for growth. This leads us to seriously consider investing in this area,» said Sergey Neruchev.</p>

<p>In place is the initial action plan, developed by NArFU research team and involving extensive research. The initial MCD samples for research and experimenting are to be received by M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University this week. </p>

<p>«I would like to thank you for the great collaborative effort that our teams have achieved so far. This project was made possible thanks to your involvement and your personal contribution to its decision-making. Now that the preparatory stage is completed, we should proceed to signing of agreement for its implementation and that involves, in the first place, the purchase of expensive equipment and facilities,» said Elena Kudryashova while handing over to Sergey Neruchev the letter of acknowledgement.</p>

<p>The meeting has discussed the main provisions of the agreement to be signed and endorsed their commitment to elaborate in detail the legal and financial sides of the cooperation for the project. In addition, options were discussed for joint creation of the production site. Surveying and design work will begin in the near future.</p>

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