NArFU joined the Thematic Network on Arctic Transport and Logistics

NArFU joined the Thematic Network on Arctic Transport and Logistics

Established in 2020, the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Transport and Logistics, seeks to promote cooperation towards sustainable logistics and industrial activities.

The network is hosted by Nord University.

The intention to network and contribute to the cooperation has been expressed by organizations in different countries (Norway, Russia, Finland, Japan, Korea, etc.), and among them Hokkaido University, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Murmansk State Technical University, North-Eastern Federal University, Yongsan University, University of Lapland etc.

At a recently held international workshop, the participants learnt more about the network’s activity agenda and discussed the possibilities for increasing their membership.

Lars Kullerud, President of UArctic, noted in his opening address to the workshop the importance and relevance of the cooperation in the field of Arctic maritime logistics and the wide scope of opportunities available to UArctic in terms of training, academic mobility, research and cross-cutting interaction among thematic networks.

The workshop introduced its participants – public authorities, businesses, energy companies, RosAtomflot, universities and indigenous people organizations – with the current potential and the ongoing projects. Further, the newly admitted partners introduced the audience to their own research roadmaps for transport and logistics development.

In the end, the partners to the network came up with possible prospects for near-term activities.

“We, on our part, have presented our training programmes (including undergraduate and postgraduate summer schools), research potential and current international projects, including NDI Think Tank. These might serve as resources for promoting the network. In 2021, NArFU joined the Nord University-led project “Development of Arctic maritime logistics and intermodal sea-land transport connections: Implications for the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. Part of the work within this project will be done in coordination with the Thematic Network on Arctic Transports and Logistics. We expect this pooling together of the resources to benefit largely our own efforts towards Arctic logistics research at NArFU,” said Maxim Zadorin, expert at NArFU Higher School of Economics, Management and Law.

Notably, the workshop marked an important milestone celebrated in 2021 – the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between Nord University with its Russian partners.

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