NDI Think Tank Project Partners Took Stock of 2020 Progress

NDI Think Tank Project Partners Took Stock of 2020 Progress

NDI Think Tank Action, represented by its expert team and partner universities – Aalto University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, University of Oulu, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – has summed up its progress over 2020.

Importantly, NDI Think Tank acts as a provider of expert judgements to support decision-making in environmental protection, transport, health services and culture, i.e. the focus areas of Northern Dimension.

In the current year, NArFU team have carried out substantial work to prepare more than 15 publications and scientific reviews on the topics as diverse as infrastructure potential and implementation of the Polar Code; marine navigation safety measures; marine pollution; healthy aging policy; and alternative energy sources in the Arctic region. They also took part in project’s key events – the hands-on course on writing policy briefs intended for authorities (co-organized with Finland’s communication agency Kaskas Media) and the Northern Dimension Forum – and presented the project at a number of international and regional venues.   

“The work conducted by the research team of NArFU has been highly commended and will continue until June 2022. Our action plan for the next period includes the efforts towards further joint interdisciplinary research and promotion of results, aiming also to achieve synergies with projects that are currently ongoing in the BEAR and the University of the Arctic,” said Marina Kalinina, Adviser to NArFU Rector and NDI Think Tank regional coordinator.

NArFU Deparment of International Cooperation

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