NArFU Shipyard Launches Pomor Schooner Construction

NArFU Shipyard Launches Pomor Schooner Construction

NArFU Shipyard has kicked off the construction of a new Pomor schooner.

The event took place on 21 November 2020 in conjunction with the opening of the «Open Deck» exhibition space.

Deputy Chairman of the Arkhangelsk Oblast Government Viktor Ikonnikov remarked that not many Russian universities can boast a shipyard. In particular, he noted: «It is certainly symbolic, for Arkhangelsk is the birthplace of Russian shipbuilding. It is essential that we preserve our traditions, history and culture for the local population, guests of the city and future generations».

NArFU Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergey Sorokin stated: «We really appreciate the fact that the project has found support among our students, and today they can do internships here».

Evgeny Shkaruba, Head of the Pomor Shipbuilding Association, stressed that the shipyard is a complex shipbuilding, educational and cultural project, dedicated to preserving and developing Pomor marine traditions. «The shipbuilding aspect consists in the construction of the schooner. In the past such vessels were very common for the White and Barents Sea and were used for fishing, trade and transportation. In the current context the schooner can perform touristic, expeditionary and research functions», explained Evgeny Shkaruba.

The «Open Deck» exhibition space was designed by Daniil Gutzkalyuk, a graduate of NArFU Higher School of Engineering. The venue was built by NArFU students under the supervision of the architect and renovator Alexander Antonov. The space is currently housing several exhibitions devoted to the Pomor shipbuilding heritage.

The shipyard launch is also a part of the international project «Matitsa: Preservation and Development of Northern Wooden Shipbuilding» initiated by the Northern Maritime Museum.

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