Management and Ecology in the Energy Sector Programme

Management and Ecology in the Energy Sector Programme

In 2021 NArFU will be launching a new Master’s degree programme entitled «Management and Ecology in the Energy Sector». The programme will be the responsibility of NArFU Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas, with some contribution from the university’s Higher School of Economics, Management and Law and NArFU’s network partners — St. Petersburg State University and Cherepovets State University.

According to Pavel Maryandyshev, Director at NArFU Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas, the programme will be focused on alternative energy sources, and its major part will be devoted to laboratory research at NArFU Centre for Energy Innovations.

Students will conduct research under the supervision of top-notch professionals, professors of three universities. The coordinators also plan to engage production experts for the development of the subject matter for students’ Master’s theses. Students will be free to choose their research supervisors from each of the three involved universities.

One of the teachers will be Prof. Alain Brillard from the University of Upper Alsace (France), a renowned specialist in the field of energy. The programme will also allow students to do an internship in France and take part in other international projects related to the assessment of the wind and solar energy potential.

Pavel Maryandyshev emphasized that the programme is open not exclusively for the graduates in related fields. «We invite all engineering graduates who wish to expand their knowledge. Upon completion of the programme they will get a chance to land a job at various companies operating in the field of alternative energy development and introduction», said Mr. Maryandyshev.

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