All Flags will Visit Us: NArFU Autumn Online School of the Russian Language

All Flags will Visit Us: NArFU Autumn Online School of the Russian Language

The Autumn Online School of the Russian Language was held at the Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication from 5 to 10 October. It continued the tradition of seasonal schools for foreign students who want to learn Russian, communicate with Russian people and explore the Russian culture.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the class format was changed. Both Summer and Autumn Schools in 2020 were held remotely, via such platforms as MS Teams and Zoom.

During one week in October, six chat-rooms were working online with 15 beginning and advanced learners from 10 countries (Finland, Serbia, China, Morocco, Norway, Japan, Pakistan, Syria, Haiti, Bosnia and Herzegovina), who were studying peculiarities of the Russian language.

The teachers were NArFU undergraduate and master students majoring in “Russian as a foreign language”. Individual educational paths had been developed for the students. They considered the level of language proficiency and personal requests. A beginner from China was working hard to pronounce the Russian sound [р], foreigners familiar with the basics of the Russian language were trying to find out why in Russian you can “ride a metro” but you can’t “ride a train”. There were those were readings poems by Sergei Yesenin, and those reading “Neznaika Adventure Tales”; some were watching videos about Arkhangelsk, others - a cartoon “Who Said Meow?”.

The main result of the Autumn School was invaluable experience: professional test for the undergraduate and master students; communication with Russian native speakers for foreign students; remote organization of international schools for the university.

The general students’ opinion is expressed by the feedback left by one of them - Jessie Louis (Haiti): “Thank you for the course. I learned a lot with you”.

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