German Language Day

German Language Day

The German Language Society (Verein deutscher Sprache) has established a fine intellectual tradition at the Department of Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics. They celebrate the European Languages Day. This year it was the Day of the German language.

It was held on September, 30. The event was organised by the Department of Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics, the German-Austrian Association of the Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication, the Regional Public Organization “Association of Russian Germans” in cooperation with the cultural centre “Pomor ARTel” (led by Olga Alieva) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) represented by the DAAD lecturer Frank Heberlein. NArFU students and visitors from the German Centre were learning German with music.

The audience has become more aware of Ludwig van Beethoven’s work, whose 250th anniversary is celebrated this year. They were enjoying the Moonlight Sonata, performed online by Frank Heberlein. He played a beautiful white piano in a concert hall of Pomor ARTel.

The conference participants learned the names of some musical instruments and their parts in German. Styles and genres of music were also discussed. Students wrote down terms and interesting details related to the German culture. The audience of this extraordinary lesson attentively listened to Associate Professor Elena Polikarpova’s proper German. This is not surprising because she is a graduate of the Faculty of Literature and Art. Beethoven was honored and the students had a chance to develop their vocabulary with words and phrases in German.

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