Thematic Report on Pechora Sea Finalized

Thematic Report on Pechora Sea Finalized

The second Thematic Report within the “Ice Operations” project, an initiative geared towards research-based development of the Arctic areas and funded by EU-Russia KOLARCTIC CBC Programme 2014-2020, has been finalized. The Report focuses on the ice conditions in the Pechora Sea.

The Arctic region offers plenty of business opportunities and, given its exposure to climatic changes, collaborative efforts in this area are becoming exceedingly relevant.

In order to ensure safe passage of ships in the Barents Sea, one of the vastest non-freezing parts of the Arctic Basin known for its complex ice conditions with precipitous ice, ice ridges, icebergs, drift ice and extreme weather (low temperatures, snowfalls, icing, strong wind gusts), as well as in the Pechora Sea, it is necessary to be able to track and predict ice behavior. In addition to vessels, several stationary oil and gas production facilities operate here, and they, too, must be protected from possible collision with ice.

Developed by NArFU experts, the Report on the Pechora Sea Ice Conditions contains descriptions of the ice cover and ice formations of the Pechora Sea, including also the ice conditions in Varandey port, and how these factors might affect navigation and hydrocarbon production.

The data presented in the Report will expand the previously accumulated knowledge concerning Arctic industrial development and help develop recommendations for the oil and gas companies operating in the Barents and Pechora Seas.


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