NArFU Welcomes Research Cooperation Prospects with the PRC

	 NArFU Welcomes Research Cooperation Prospects with the PRC

Northern (Arctic) Federal University took part in the second meeting of the standing Russia-China Cooperation in the Arctic Working Group. Held on an online venue, the meeting involved the government officials of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.

The discussion agenda spanned the issues of maritime cooperation shipbuilding, Arctic research activities and environmental protection.

NArFU Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Konstantin Zaikov, introduced participants to the world-class Research and Training Centre “The Russian Arctic: New materials, technologies and research methods" and invited universities, research centers and industrial partners in China to take part in its activities. Established in NArFU in 2018, this Research and Training Centre has 36 partners, including Russia’s largest universities, 15+ industries and offices of twelve federal executive bodies operating in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, and has an extensive R&D agenda in the fields of Arctic shipbuilding and marine engineering, mining, transport and logistics systems of the Northern Sea Route, cold climate construction and human health in the Arctic – a total of one hundred scientific and engineering projects to be implemented in cooperation with leading research centers and businesses.

Konstantin Zaikov encouraged the meeting to contribute to the joint initiative of NArFU and Harbin Engineering University to set up a Russia-China Arctic research and educational consortium. Relevant Memorandum of Intent was signed in December 2019. The issues of the Arctic Region are currently the focus with more than 12 universities in the PRC that cooperate with Russia-based universities and research centers. "Work towards better progress in personnel training and scientific research requires a collaborative effort of all our universities. This initiative therefore seems relevant and timely," said Konstantin Zaikov.

Among the bodies within NArFU structure that expressed their readiness to work together with the Chinese partners is the Laboratory for Arctic Biomonitoring. Chinese students and scientists have been invited to take part in expeditions of the "Arctic Floating University", a project with solid research agenda for the western sector of the Arctic. The cooperation with China-based scientific institutions and schools began, as part of the "Arctic Floating University", in 2018. That year’s voyage had among their participants students and researchers from Harbin Engineering University, and the subsequent year’s voyage welcomed Tsinghua University, China University of Petroleum, Sinopec Group research team, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences campus in Heilongjiang Province.

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