NArFU Researchers Awarded Russian Science Foundation Grant for Quantum Technology Project

NArFU Researchers Awarded Russian Science Foundation Grant  for Quantum Technology Project

A team of researchers under the leadership of Dmitry Makarov, Professor at NArFU Fundamental and Applied Physics Department, has been awarded a Russian Science Foundation grant following the 2020 contest “Team Research under the Supervision of Young Researchers” in the framework of the Presidential Programme for Research Projects.

The winner project is devoted to sources of extra-high quantum entanglement for quantum technologies on the basis of photon-matter interaction. The work centers on the development of a quantum computer and a new method of transmitting information.

“The project is extremely relevant, for there has been great interest in quantum technologies over the recent years. Many countries are allocating ever-increasing resources for related research. Scientists expect a new technological revolution in the field following the creation of a quantum computer”, commented Dmitry Makarov.

According to Prof. Makarov, the high degree of competence demonstrated by NArFU researchers was another major factor contributing to the grant award.

“Our scientific background has been instrumental. This includes the experience of the project leader, i.e. the number and quality of published articles in the field, as well as prior experience of project management. We have published a lot of articles in high rating Russian and international journals. We have also had several projects supported by Presidential grants and scholarships under our belt. The research background of the other team members also counts. Our team unites six members including the leader”, explained Dmitry Makarov.

The grant will be disbursed within three years, and may be prolonged for two more years.


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