NArFU Joins Implementation of Smart City Concept for Arkhangelsk

NArFU Joins Implementation of Smart City Concept for Arkhangelsk

The experts of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University have participated in Smart City: Expectations and Reality, a roundtable discussion of the ways for implementing digital initiatives for sustainable urban environments. The roundtable was organized by RUSSOFT Association, BETA, and EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre (Saint-Petersburg).

Among the keynote speakers were representatives of public bodies and innovation developers based in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast – National Association of Builders, Cyber-Physical Systems, Urban Competency Centre, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Digital Twin, MITSAN Group, Geoscan, ER-Telecom Holding, PJSC Megafon, Association of Residential Property Managers Р1. Their presentations dealt with promising trends in smart city development, technology challenges, and cases of digital transformation of urban spaces.

The agenda of the roundtable included also the presentation of the project Disruptive Information Technologies for Barents Euro-Arctic Region (Kolarctic ENPI CBC), where NArFU acts as a partner. Along with that, Director General at Arkhangelsk Region Non-Commercial Organization – Agency for Regional Development, Maksim Zaborsky, delivered a presentation on the current progress in smart city concept implementation in Arkhangelsk and, namely, the project called Smart–City, which is a joint initiative of Electronica Group, Municipal Entity – City of Arkhangelsk and VARTON Ltd. Smart–City is about making urban environments more energy-efficient and equipped with digital outdoor lighting and other smart city attributes.

The regional cooperation will see further progress when the experts meet again at RUSSOFT-hosted workshop in September to present the local companies’ experience and cases for joining the efforts towards innovative solutions.

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