Psychologist From NArFU Wins TWA Energy Influencers 2020

Psychologist From NArFU Wins TWA Energy Influencers 2020

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has announced the results of TWA Energy Influencers 2020. The contest involved young professionals under the age of 35 contributing to the development of world energy industry.

The SPE TWA Editorial Committee was flooded with high quality applications from all over the world. In order to select the winners, the Committee of twelve members developed a comprehensive three-stage evaluation procedure. Among the criteria were academic and engineering authority, the quality of experience, awards, positions of responsibility, volunteer work, academic, industrial and social influence

Following the procedure, fifteen winners were selected. The only Russian representative on the list was Yana Korneeva, PhD in Psychology, Head of NArFU Psychology Department.

According to the contest’s organizers, one of the best ways to promote petroleum industry is through sharing the success stories of young professionals from different corners of the globe.

Yana Korneeva is a graduate of Pomor State University. She has been carrying out studies in the field of psychological well-being and labour safety of petroleum industry professionals working shifts in the High North and the Arctic. In the framework of her research Ms. Korneeva has been extensively cooperating with oil and gas industries, having supervised six expeditions. One of her most significant achievements is the development of a psycho-diagnostic complex profiling four professional groups. The outcomes of Ms. Korneeva’s research found application during the development of the international standard ISO 35101:2017.

TWA experts commended the nominee’s high professionalism and innovative thinking.

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