NArFU is launching a cooperation program with Canadian universities

NArFU is launching a cooperation program with Canadian universities

On March 11, 2012 NArFU delegation returned from Canada. Marina Kalinina, Vice-Rector of International Cooperation, Konstantin Bogolitsyn, Vice-Rector of Scientific Work, Natalia Kukarenko, Deputy Vice-Rector of International Cooperation, Alexey Korshunov, Deputy Director of Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, worked on developing cooperation programmes with Canadian universities in areas of particular concern.

The meeting agenda included visits to the Memorial University of Newfoundland, the University of Ottawa, the University of Manitoba, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Northern British Columbia and Yukon College. The dialogue with Canadian colleagues was aimed at defining areas of common interest taking into consideration NArFU core areas for development; familiarizing with educational programmes and unique technological solutions for the Arctic research, issues of resource management and Northern governance; familiarizing with Canadian universities competencies in collaboration with business, industry and authorities. NArFU delegation was interested in exploring experience in cluster development and collaboration with indigenous peoples (First Nation); special attention was focused on discussing partnerships between the UArctic network, in particular thematic network cooperation in various research areas.

As a result of the meetings cooperation agreements with Canadian universities are expected to be signed in the nearest future, return visits to NArFU are planned.

Visits of Canadian professors to NArFU, exchange programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates, joint seminars and research projects are defined as top priorities to be included in the cooperation programme. This year we expect Canadian partner of the C-CORE Research Centre (the Memorial University) to deliver lectures at the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In autumn two students will be enrolled in master programme "Northern Governance and Development" (the University of Saskatchewan). Joint activities are planned: summer schools organized by NArFU, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Northern British Columbia; scientific expedition joined by colleagues from the Centre of Earth Observation (the University of Manitoba); NArFU researchers will have the opportunity to get internships in leading Canadian Arctic technology centers.

Implementing partnership programs with Canadian universities NArFU can develop new Arctic research areas - climatology, oceanography, glaciology; participate in joint projects to study climate change and sea-ice, technologies related to shipbuilding and shipping, rescue services in the Arctic, construction in cold climates, biomass production and processing, renewable energy sources development, sustainable use of resources in the North.

Text by Marina Kalinina, Vice-Rector of International Cooperation
Translated by Tatyana Lyubimkova

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