Breaking Stereotypes: Journalism Students from Norway Visited NArFU

Breaking Stereotypes: Journalism Students from Norway Visited NArFU

Six students from Nord University have recently visited NArFU in the framework of the project «History of Neighbour». The project is supported by the network of journalists «Barents Press». The guests came to learn more about the university, the local media and the lives of their fellow journalism students.

In the beginning of April a similar delegation from NArFU had visited Nord University with much the same purpose, and now it was the turn of the Norwegian colleagues.

Culture studies is an important element of the project «History of Neighbour». Writing culture-focused texts allows young journalists to find out more about the traditions, mentality and the way of life in the neighbor country. The project is aimed at improving mutual understanding and battling stereotypes in today’s difficult political context. The resulting publications will be dedicated to comparing the daily lives of students in Russia and Norway.

‘It is extremely important for future journalists to get to know each other and directly experience foreign countries. “Barents Press” develops various programs providing journalists with opportunities to visit their neighbors across the borders. This is the first student project we have implemented. We divided the students into pairs with one Russian and one Norwegian representative tasked with helping each other to learn about the culture and real people from Russia and Norway. Today the political situation between Russia and the West, including Norway, is rather complicated. So we think it more important than ever to maintain friendly relations between our countries, to be open. The Norwegian students are already saying that they have found a lot in common with their Russian colleagues. Of course there are some differences. I hope we will continue to develop joint projects’, said Anki Gerhardsen, a representative of “Barents Press Norway”.

Head of NArFU International Cooperation Department Lyubov Zarubina took the guests on a tour exploring the university, the educational opportunities it offers, its research potential, international cooperation with Norwegian partners and language schools for international students.

Angelika Dolinina, Head of the Media Center “The Arctic Bridge”, and Anna Badanina, a reporter working at NArFU, told the guests about studying journalism at NArFU and the student radio “Ovsyanka”.

Nord University student Adrian Skaar shared his impressions: ‘In my paper I plan to compare the educational systems of our countries. Arkhangelsk is a very interesting city with a lot of old buildings. It is very different from what we are used to in Norway. During our excursion I learned that NArFU offers a wide range of opportunities for students, especially for future journalists. I liked the Media Center a lot. Exchanging ideas with Russian colleagues is a great practice, I enjoyed it’.
‘Russia has always looked interesting to me. Russian students are very creative. I was very impressed with the Media Center, where future journalists can learn their craft. I especially liked the radio station. I have previously communicated with Russian students in Norway and it was always a positive experience,’ related Øistein Falch from the Norwegian delegation. ‘I think that student exchanges and the globalization of education are great trends because they help break down a lot of stereotypes’.

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