Student Associations of Arkhangelsk and Tromso Promote Environmental Awareness

Student Associations of Arkhangelsk and Tromso Promote Environmental Awareness

NArFU’s «Eco-University» and the youth organization «Spire» from UiT-the Arctic University of Norway have discussed waste management issues in the framework of a webinar featuring representatives of their respective universities and municipalities.

Following the discussion the parties resolved to create a joint working group for exchanging best practices in waste management at the municipal level.

The head of «Eco-University» Maria Novitasari once studied in Tromso and was engaged in the activities of the local environmental movement. Now she decided to apply the experience she had gained both in Tromso and in Arkhangelsk and coordinate best practices exchange between the two cities.

‘We initiated this meeting because waste disposal is a major issue in Arkhangelsk. We organized the webinar in the framework of the 25th anniversary of Barents Euro-Arctic cooperation in order to give an impulse to our collaboration and develop a project addressing waste management problems in Arkhangelsk and Tromso’, says Maria.

The webinar became a platform for discussing the problems and prospects of the waste management systems in Arkhangelsk and Tromso as well as possible cooperation formats between NArFU and the Arctic University of Norway and their student organizations in the sphere of separate waste collection and promoting eco-friendliness. The key waste processing companies of Arkhangelsk and Tromso shared their best practices and future plans, and the representatives of the municipalities discussed the history and prospects of environmental cooperation between the cities.

‘We support student initiatives directed at solving the most pressing problems of the region. Preservation of the environment is a task of prime importance, and it would be most welcome if our students contributed to research in this field’, commented NArFU First Vice-Rector Alexei Korshunov. The Rector of the Arctic University of Norway Professor Anne Husebekk emphasized that student initiatives in the sphere of ecology are welcomed by the university and place on its administration the responsibility for supporting and further developing such projects. Professor Husebekk also expressed hope that the students will gain the experience necessary to contribute to sustainable development, and the discussion will become the starting point for the creation of a joint waste management plan.

In conclusion of the webinar the parties adopted a resolution outlining further steps on the way to efficient bilateral cooperation in environmentally friendly waste disposal.

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