Second EduLAw Internship, Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium), 24-30 September 2017

Second EduLAw Internship, Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium), 24-30 September 2017

From 24th till 30th September 2017 the ELA Project held its second six-day intensive training internship in Belgium to introduce the partners to the main European institutions and agencies engaging in initiatives in education and policy making, improve legal skills of institutional project managers, modular team leaders and researchers and to reflect upon the different education systems and teacher training programmes. Representatives of the NArFU Higher School of Psychology and Pedagogical Education, Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication, Higher School of Economics, Management and Law took part in the internship. NArFU experts are responsible for the development of the Module “Privacy and data protection, transparency and access to information in education” and carry out internal consortium evaluation of the Modules “Legislating the quality triangle in education” and “Regulation on the professional education EQF level 5 and its implementation”.

10 draft modules, the updated draft description of the education law curriculum (content taught in the education law course) and the second draft course syllabus (summary of each of the modules covered/taught in the particular education law course) were discussed with peers, the internal quality control conducted and the multilingual e-Newsletter written.

Furthermore, the kick-off meeting gave visibility of the project through the PhD public lecture by Georgia du Plessis for students, staff and stakeholders at the City Campus in Antwerp. Finally, the regional and consortium steering committee meetings were held.

The meeting was co-organized by the grant holder Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the European Association for Education Law and Policy in cooperation with the European Commission Visitors’ Centre and the European Parliament Visitors’ Centre.

The EduLAw project “Introducing modules on law and rights in programmes of teacher training and educational sciences: a contribution to building rights-based education systems in countries in transition” is a three-year European Capacity Building project funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme which aims at supporting eligible partner countries in updating their curricula,  better preparing their staff and students for a rights based school governance and teaching process and responding to pro-active rights demands.

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