NArFU hosted the coordinator meeting of the programme “Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies”

NArFU hosted the coordinator meeting of the programme “Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies”

On October 3 and 4 NArFU became a venue for the meeting of the coordinators of the “Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies” programme, being realized within a network including universities of the North-West Russia and Nord University (Bodø, Norway). NArFU has an experience of coordinating the programme during 14 years. The BCS programme became a crucial part of the cooperation of NArFU with the Norwegian universities, and thus became a recognized brand in the region. Also, the BCS programme coordinators from Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University, The Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration and Russian State Hydrometeorological University took part in the meeting.

“Our cooperation in creating and coordinating the BCS programme is a success story and a brilliant example of networking in the North. It has a great potential for the further cross-border cooperation” – noted Marit Sunder, professor at Nord University.

The BCS programme has been implemented at NArFU for 13 years now, and it faces a strong demand from the students of all higher schools since it gives the general knowledge on different development issues of the Arctic, which are important for every specialist, who is interested in working for the region and the people living there.

“In this connection the programme has utmost significance, since the knowledge on the region, where we all live and work, is required to understand the processes occurring there, also at a global scale” – underlined Marina Kalinina, NArFU Rector’s Advisor on International Cooperation.

152 graduates of the programme have received the Nord University diploma and a certificate of the University of the Arctic, what gave them advantages in employability both in Russian and international organizations working on the issues connected with the Arctic region. At the moment, 87 NArFU students are enrolled to the courses. The BCS programme gave an opportunity to more than 100 NArFU students to study for one semester in Norway.

The agenda of the meeting included the presentations of the Russian consortium members on the current state and horizons of the BCS programme realization at Russian universities and the discussion on the oncoming application for the Erasmus+ programme for supporting academic and staff mobility, also touching upon the BCS programme. The project is on the top of the agenda, when it comes to the recent restructuring of the funds for the academic mobility to Norway. Also, the official confirmation of English proficiency now is required for the admission to the programme. These changes limit the amount of students eligible to participate in it.

The participants of discussion underlined the positive impact of the programme within the context of internationalization of higher education, student and teacher mobility, development of the human capital and transfer of knowledge on the Arctic region. These components are crucial, when it comes to highlighting the circumpolar region for the entire world.

At the present moment, the application call for the BCS programme is active. You will find more details here.

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