Emergency preparedness and response discussed in Greenland

Emergency preparedness and response discussed in Greenland

The 7th MARPART conference “Competence development within maritime emergency preparedness” was arranged in Nuuk, Greenland as a part of the MARPART projects. It served as a meeting place for academia, emergency professional and governmental bodies and institutions that work in the area of maritime preparedness and emergency management. Themes and topics for the conference were in line with MARPART projects’ task studying Arctic region’s overall maritime activity, the preparedness resources and cooperation challenges with special focus on emergency management competence acquisition and knowledge transfer.

Within two days researchers and practitioners discussed at the University of Greenland such issues as maritime risk areas in the Arctic and emergency management competence needs, educational programmes for emergency management competence development, concepts and tools for simulation, training and exercises.

The NArFU researchers presented at the conference the speech concerning the resources mobilized and the coordinative riles in possible major SAR incidents in Russian Arctic waters. The SAR preparedness and response system functions well but still there are some issues to be improved: providing the necessary quality of technical facilities and search and rescue forces to guarantee SAR service in the Arctic region, building new icebreakers, special search and rescue vessels, forming the fleet of marine search and rescue aircrafts, etc.

Besides, the NArFU researchers questioned the Russian masters working in the Norwegian company “Wilson ASA”. Their ideas to improve competences in emergency preparedness at sea include emergency communication and level of professional English language to be improved, the general Internet website for seamen “Emergency situations on board” to be created. Also, the education/training process is better to divide into three stages: theoretical training, training in “greenhouse” conditions and training in conditions as close as possible to real (for example in bad weather and in the dark).

Emergency preparedness and response are provided by military forces in Greenland so the guided tour in the coordination center was not included. But the participants of the conference could visit the fire station of Nuuk which population is about 16,000 persons.    

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