NArFU representatives took part in the international seminar and conference in Aberdeen

NArFU representatives took part in the international seminar and conference in Aberdeen

The kick-off seminar of the project “Development of the UK-Russia Arctic Research and Collaboration Network” was organized as a side-event of UArctic Rectors Forum and International Conference “Conversations from the North” in Aberdeen. The sessions’ topics embraced various aspects of human activities, interactions with animals and plants, and with the land:

  • Anthropocene in the Arctic;
  • Livelihood, Development, Cultural and Climate Change;
  • Language, Myth and Literature;
  • Education in the North;
  • Rights, Rhetoric and International Relations;
  • Craft, Skill and Environment;
  • The City in the North

The conference presentations done by the NArFU scientists described expeditions and research activities of  the university, experience of Higher School of Social and Humanitarian Sciences and International Relations and the Center "Archeology of the North" in particular.

The main research directions of Northern (Arctic) Federal University were also presented at the seminar within the framework of the British-Russian cooperation project. One of the goals for this meeting was to introduce current projects and research conducted by the seminar participants, as well as to identify key areas for further joint activities within this project and beyond. The seminar participants from the universities of Aberdeen, Durham, Liverpool, Cambridge, Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg discussed ideas for possible joint projects and research in the Arctic. The presentations had a pronounced interdisciplinary character: from climate change and functioning of Arctic ecosystems to access to medical services in remote settlements and northerners’ perceptions of the Northern Sea Route.

The next project event will be held in Arkhangelsk on the NArFU basis in November. The project is funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the UK Embassy in Russia and implemented by the UArctic Research Office, NArFU.

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